King Edward VI School - House System

House System

The House System is in place to allow all K.E.S. students to represent a competitive team in a variety of activities. These include many sporting events but also Music and Drama plus ‘cerebral’ activities such as Quiz and Chess.  Events are arranged for individual year groups and we encourage every student to volunteer for at least one activity each year. The matches are great fun as well as being highly competitive. There are trophies for each event and the overall winner will be the House which scores the most points over all events during the academic year. The winning House Captain will be presented with the House Trophy on Speech Day in the following September.

There are four Houses. At the start of each year, Year 7 students and other new students to the School are placed in one of these houses. The selection is done randomly except to ensure two things; siblings are in the same House and numbers in each year group are approximately equal. Students’ ties will have a stripe to signify their house; Red (Dyson), Blue (Fitzmaurice), Purple (Spender) and Green (Warneford).

The Vertical Tutor system is based around these Houses with six groups in each House. This ensures that the house system is seen as more than just a forum for competition but one in which a genuine family atmosphere can be fostered. We believe that this approach strengthens both the House System and the Vertical Tutorial System.