King Edward VI School - Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is at the heart of the School

Pastoral care is of the utmost importance.

All students of K.E.S. must feel safe and confident in our School environment if they are to achieve their full potential, academically and otherwise.

A School Code of Behaviour provides the ground rules for everyone to follow, and we expect that all students will work together with good humour and care, in a spirit of learning and enquiry.

In Year 7 there are three specialist tutors with experience of the kinds of issues that can arise when boys transfer to secondary school.  The Induction Day in July and the subsequent careful monitoring serves to ensure that all students make a good transition from their Primary School to K.E.S.  We are proud that the Headmaster meets with every boy and his parents before starting in September.

In Years 8 to 13 our students are grouped “vertically”.  Each group consists of between two and five students from each year whose academic and pastoral well-being is looked after by their Group Tutor.  This tutor group is seen very much as a family unit in which older students can help and guide younger ones, building relationships across year groups and fostering a sense of community and loyalty.  The fact that groups are organised by House further strengthens the community ethos.  Students discuss progress, achievements, choices and problems with their Group Tutors on a regular basis.

Parents’ Evenings are held for every form annually which students attend with their parents.  We hold option choice evenings for the appropriate year groups and Standards Evenings for Years 7, 9 and 12.

Pastoral care is at the heart of our School.  Parents are encouraged to contact the School whenever there is a problem, and that contact should, in the first instance, be with your child’s Vertical Group Tutor who will best know them.