King Edward VI School - Computer Science

Computer Science

Where ever possible we encourage a sense of exploration and experimentation.

Our Computer Science Department aims to develop students who are confident and independent in their use of new technologies and to foster a lifelong interest in creating computing systems.  Students of all abilities learn through challenging, practical tasks and are encouraged to devise their own solutions and strategies to computing problems.

At Key Stage 3, students are introduced to the challenges of programming and robotics at an early stage, quickly realising that there is more to Computer Science than using Scratch. By the end of Year 8, students will be creating Raspberry Pi programs, Android apps, interactive websites and using robots to escape from fiendish mazes!

At Key Stage 4, students follow the GCSE Computer Science course from OCR. The course emphasises computational thinking, software development and core programming skills. It helps students to develop strong logic and problem-solving abilities. Students undertake an extended programming coursework assignment (20 hours) in the first term of Year 11 and are assessed through 2 exams at the end of Year 11. 

t Key Stage 5, the emphasis is on increasing the range and experience of programming. By following the A2 Computer Science course from OCR, our students develop a strong foundation in systems design and programming. They will create a range of software applications and participate in several national programming competitions.  The department is very proud that over two thirds of our A Level students follow Computer Science courses at university. The department is located in Area 51 on the top floor of the Spender Building, which provides an up-to-date facility with new, high-specification workstations and access to VR equipment. 

Students are encouraged to experiment with a wide range of Operating Systems, robotics kits, Raspberry Pi computers, Micro:Bits and Android tablets. We also offer a range of extra-curricular activities, including programming masterclasses and excursions.